How It All Began

I could tell you that Purple Coneflower Design started when my family moved to Hibbing, MN three years ago for my husband’s job. After we moved, I wasn’t landing a job in my field (financial development and non-profit management) and I made the decision to work with a life coach. It took a few sessions for me to allow myself to give in to the idea of starting a business. To start something that brought together my ability to design home décor, my love for vintage, and to showcase my handy woodworking skills.

Well, that wouldn’t be the whole story… 

It really began over 35 years ago as a teenager when I completely redecorated my bedroom and I got the design bug.  In college, I was the kid that hung wallpaper and reupholstered furniture for my dorm room.  I earned a degree in art history and art studio.

I have dreamed of having a business to create beautiful farmhouse and vintage décor for the last 20 years, but life always kept me busy.  I should mention, I’m a Mom of three awesome kids that are nearly all grown-up and I’m married to a very supportive husband. I also have two furry assistants that keep me company during the day.

Dreams do come true!

My dreams came true when I launched Purple Coneflower Design in the Fall of 2017 and I began to design and create home décor with a fresh farmhouse flair.  I started with a couple of successful local craft fairs.

My first items were framed ceiling tile tin, shelves, and chalk painted jars -products that all have survived the test of time. I’ve discovered that I love working with tin ceiling tiles and have found my niche. 

Refurbishing furniture has also been a part of my business. I love the hunt for a vintage piece with good bones and making it new again.  I also have found how much I enjoy taking a piece of furniture and repurposing it into something fresh and new.      

Over the last two years the business has kept growing and evolving.    Purple Coneflower Design items can be found at various vintage fairs and artisan/craft shows in Minnesota throughout the Summer and Fall, and in a few retails stores in the area. I spend my winter months preparing inventory at Iron Range Makerspace in Hibbing, where I am a member. I also have an in-home studio where I do most of my painting and finishing work.

The next step in building my business is launching this website and blog. I invite you to follow along my journey and I will share insights to design and creating a cozy place of your own. I also hope you’ll find some farmhouse goodness to bring home.

Thanks for coming along!


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